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Who we are

The Higher Education Working Group of the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) began as a Task Force in 2003 with a request from Dick Deasy, Founding Director of AEP, to identify and document promising practices for engaging institutions of higher education with schools and art communities in the preservice and inservice professional development of the arts teaching workforce. In 2007, the Task Force, under the leadership of Martha Barry McKenna, published Working Partnerships. The Working Group is open to all attendees of the AEP Forum. The members of the Working Group who authored Preparing Educators for Arts Integration, and who began this website are listed below.

Sibyl Barnum
Independent Consultant in Arts Integration
Former Director, Arts Impact

Elaine D. Bernstorf
Professor, Music Education
Wichita State University

Karen K. Bradley
Director of Graduate Studies in Dance
University of Maryland

Amy Charleroy
Director Pre-AP Arts Curriculum and Instruction
The College Board

Colleen Hearn Dean
Senior Editor of Dance Arts Now!

Gene Diaz
Arts Education Program Evaluator

Lisa Donovan
Professor, Fine and Performing Arts Department
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Eric Engdahl
Chair, Department of Teacher Education
California State University-East Bay

Don Glass
Research and Evaluation Department
Kennedy Center for the Arts
Former Universal Design for Learning Leadership Fellow

Liz Hallmark
Independent Scholar
Professor, Nazareth College

Jean Hendrickson
Director Emeritus of Oklahoma A+ Schools

R. Scot Hockman
Former Associate for Visual and Performing Arts
South Carolina Department of Education

Joyce Huser
Fine Arts Education Consultant
Kansas Department of Education

Julia Marshall
Professor of Art Education
San Francisco State University

Una McAlinden
Former Executive Director of ArtsEd Washington

Susan McGreevy-Nichols
Executive Director/CEO
National Dance Education Organization

Martha Barry McKenna
University Professor and Director of Creativity Commons
Lesley University

Mary Ann Mears
Founder of Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS) Alliance

Kathy O'Dell
Associate Professor of Visual Arts
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Pamela Paulson
Senior Director for Policy
Perpich Center for Arts Education

Susan J. Rotkovitz
Faculty, Theatre Department
Towson University

Lori Snyder
Executive Director
Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS) Alliance

Terry Sweeting
Professor, Department of Kinesiology
California State University-Northridge

Peg Winkelman
Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership
California State University-East Bay

The Book

Preparing Educators for Arts Integration

This resource examines professional development approaches from across the United States to help schools and allied arts groups integrate the arts into an already crowded K–12 curriculum. The authors document the purposes and structures of a broad spectrum of current efforts and programs. Several of these programs have been in place for decades, thus demonstrating their sustainability and effectiveness. Emphasizing the value of collaboration among teachers, artists, educational leaders, and community partners, the book draws on the broad range of experiences of the authors, who came together as a working group of the Arts Education Partnership. Readers will find strong, empirically tested models of arts integration to inform curriculum development and teacher professional learning.

Gene Diaz is a visual artist, international educator, and professor of distinguished achievement at Lesley University providing faculty development and arts program evaluation. Martha Barry McKenna is university professor and director of the Creativity Commons at Lesley University and is chair of the Higher Education Task Force of the Arts Education Partnership.