Principal Arts Leadership Program

Contact Info: Carrie Stroud, Programs Director, Partners: School teams of principals and teachers from across the state of Washington. Purpose and Brief Description: To foster arts integration in schools through planning and professional development lead by school principals. Principals as school leaders play a central role in providing sustainable arts education for their students.[…]

Creative Process as Pedagogy

Contact Info: Martha Barry McKenna,; Gene Diaz, Partners: Graduate students in Lesley University’s program in Integrative Teaching through the Arts; local artists; local museums and cultural arts organizations; local teaching artists. Purpose and Brief Description: To prepare inservice educators to integrate the arts across the curriculum. The concept of creative process as pedagogy[…]

Preservice Teachers: Advocating for the Arts to Preservice Administrators

Contact Info: Eric Engdahl,; Peg Winkelman, Partners: Faculty in the Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership; pre-service teachers & pre-service school administrators in Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership at California State University-East Bay. Purpose and Brief Description: To develop advocacy skills in teachers, arts knowledge in administrators and foster future[…]